Company Overview:

"WE provide Off-Road enthusiast with High-Impact Online Magazines featuring high quality photography, event updates, news and unique stories."

Digital Dirt Media was formed in 2009 with the idea to provide the off-road community with a new way to see and view magazines online. The idea of Revolt is a new idea to the much Off-road community about how it presented to the readers and being able to cross many boundaries between genres and racing disciplines. Our goal is to give the readers in the off-road community High Impact Action Photography and Unique Stories. Take you to places you've never been before, that you yourself can afford.

The company originally formed as a dedicated magazine for just ATV's. However we saw the need for something bigger, a company that could cater several disciplines in off-road, the average rider, weekend warriors whom make all this other disciplines possible, the hardcore racers and of course "The fans"

The company was quickly expanded to encompass not only the ATV industry but also the Dirt Bike, UTV, Desert Racing, Truck/Buggies racing, and many other types of racing found through-out the World. The new idea had to be able to compliment each of the racing and event types, where readers could get great stories about their favorite types of racing but also introduce them to other off-road racing genres.

"Digital Dirt Media" was created to bridge some of the gaps in the industry. The idea of producing several mini-mags delivered to you via the internet and updates right into your email-box. No more waiting 3 months for your favorite magazine in the mail. We want to provide the eye captivating photography from the event to you right on you computer screen with photo galleries and stories which expand past the normal magazine articles. Our stories will captivate the event and not just the statistics of the race. Along with the magazine idea we plan to expand to video and other technologies as they become more affordable.

It was ready clear that one magazine wouldn't be able to cover everything we wanted to do or be able to capture our audiences. So we took that idea and created the "Digital Dirt" series of online flip-book style magazine. Four (4) new online digital magazines; The original Digital Dirt, restructured into a magazine to focus purely on what we do best, breath taking, high impact action photos. Next was "Off-Road Digital Dirt" where we would focus on everything off-road, minus racing to some extent. Off-road Digital Dirt would cover, trail rides, project builds, jeep, trucks, Truck Racing, and much much more. A magazine for the off-road enthusiast! The last (2) two of the Digital Dirt series were to be dedicated solely to the ATV and MX racing competitions, featuring the WORCS, MX Nationals, Supercross, Endurocross, Desert, GNCC, ATV nationals and slew of other racing series.